Need a FUN & exciting way to raise a lot of money for your non-profit organization or take your existing auction to the next level?

In an economy that has become less than friendly to many charitable organizations, fund-raising auctions have become a very effective and popular way to raise money. Generally, benefit auctions produce higher revenues than other special events. They are less risky than other options, because the sponsoring organization does not have to invest a large amount of money.

Successful fundraisers are planned events with planned results! Whether you are new to the fund-raising auction world, or your non-profit already conducts an auction, we can help increase event revenue with some fresh new ideas.

Strange Auction Services offers complete benefit auction services and can custom tailor a package to meet the needs of your organization. Please click on any of the following services for more information.

Unlimited Consultation Unlimited Consultation: Strange Auction Services will work with your organization throughout your entire auction process. As part of your complete benefit auction package, or as a standalone service, you are entitled to unlimited consultation. Your auction consultant is available everyday via phone or e-mail. You will also receive a copy of our 100+ page Complete Benefit Auction Manual filled with timelines, auction budgets, sample forms, layouts and guidelines, sample letters, best seller and student project suggestions, invitations and other mailers, sample raffle and revenue enhancers and much more that will become a valuable resource for years to come. Your consultation is fully customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

Consultation includes, but not limited to:
• Procurement Ideas & Donor Solicitation
• Sponsorship & Underwriting
• Volunteer Training
• Social Media & Online Marketing Strategies
• Venue Ideas & Layout Suggestions
• Revenue Enhancers
• Developing Your Auction Committee
• Closing Silent Auction Sections
• Using Dinner to Your Advantage
• Acquisition Rally
• Auction Timeline
• Order of Live Auction Items
• Eliminating Check-Out Lines

BAS AUCTIONEER: We know how much hard work goes into planning a successful benefit auction. Why would you leave your largest and most important fundraising event of the year in the hands of a volunteer? Your local weatherman may make a great emcee, but is not a trained Auctioneer.

The National Auctioneers Association created the Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) professional designation to provide Auctioneers with advanced training in planning and conducting successful benefit auctions. BAS Auctioneers are taught how to aid clients in coordinating a well-planned auction, market the auction and create a fun and exciting event that generates the most revenue for organizations like yours. The Auctioneer must be an entertainer as well as an auctioneer that your guests can understand.

Choosing the right Auctioneer for your event makes good financial sense and can mean thousands of additional revenue dollars to your organization. As less than 1% of Auctioneers in the country who hold this designation, BAS Auctioneers bring ideas and special promotions that offset the expense of hiring a professional. Most fees can be underwritten where there is little to no charge to the organization.

You pay your caterer, the band, your venue…….Why wouldn’t you pay the one person who MAKES your organization money? A BAS Auctioneer!

Acquisition & Attendance Session: As part of your Benefit Auction Package, your auction consultant will conduct an Acquisition and Attendance Session to share with your committee who are the best auction buyers, how to get them to your event, what items are selling well at auction and how to acquire them. These sessions motivate your volunteers and point them in the right direction when going out to acquire great donations for your organization.

Computerized Clerking, cashiering and invoicing: The last impression your guests get at your event is at check-out. Does your organization struggle with long lines or confusion at the cashiering station? Impact Benefit Auctions Computerized Clerking, Cashiering and Invoicing help eliminate the long lines during the payment process. Our Live Auction Clerks who are trained to listen to the Auctioneer’s chant electronically enter the bid information in real time during the auction. Trained personnel enter the silent auction data into the networked computer system. The information is instantly captured in our auction software and can be invoiced with the press of a button when a guest is ready to check-out. At the end of the evening, your consultant will reconcile the auction and turn over the proceeds and reports to your organization. By the end of the event, your organization knows exactly how much revenue was generated from the live and silent auction, what each item sold for, who bought each item and each buyer’s invoice total.

Custom Benefit Auction Workshops: Strange Auction Services offers Custom Benefit Auction Workshops to help maximize your work efforts to get the highest dollar return possible for your organization. Impact workshops teach you how to run your event much more efficiently and how to get the most out of your volunteers and staff.

Custom Workshops are very valuable for organizing your volunteers and pointing your event in the right direction. This is a great way to kick off and enhance your auction planning.

Our Custom Benefit Auction Workshop is offered as part of our full service consulting and auction package to our clients. We can also custom tailor a Benefit Auction Workshop for your organizations needs, even if you are using another auctioneer or auction firm. Our workshops also include a copy of our 100+ page Complete Benefit Auction Manual that will become a valuable resource for years to come.

Would you like to learn how it is possible to have all of the expenses related to your event paid for in advance? Looking for new and exciting raffle games for your event? Contact Strange Auction Services today to find out more about booking a Custom Benefit Auction Workshop that is custom designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization, or how to attend our next free Benefit Auction Learning Workshop.

Online Benefit Auctions: SAS can conduct your organizations online auction one of two ways: as pre-bids on items that will be offered during your event, or as a stand-alone charity event.

Online Pre-Bidding: Most gala auctions last anywhere from two to four hours, limiting your guests time to bid. Allowing pre-bidding days or even weeks prior to your live event, you’ll receive more bids, resulting in more money even before your actual event. Instead of giving your guests just a couple of hours to bid, they can have weeks to think about the items. Adding online bidding can add several advantages for your organization, accessing thousands of bidders from all around the world who are willing to help your cause.

Online only auctions allow your organization to run fund-raising events all year long without having to recruit numerous volunteers, rent a banquet hall or if your organization is just too small to hold a gala auction. This type of auction allows detailed information about the items, links to the donor’s websites, pictures, values, bid increments and minimum bids.

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